Ashmit Gurey  /   6 Months/Male

Shrabanti Gurey was admitted to the S.S.K.M. Hospital on 28th Dec 2017 at 37 weeks of pregnancy. She delivered a baby boy. He weighed 2455 gm and measured 32.8 cm.

But the baby presented with few complications. Upon examining the baby, it was concluded that the baby was born with Complete Unilateral Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. It was also found that there was Corneal Opacity in the left eye. The doctors advised for further investigations which revealed the baby also suffered from  Atrial Septal  Defect.

The baby was kept under observation for about one month in the neonatal ward. During this period, the baby manifested with various problems.

First of all, the baby could not feed properly due to the cleft lip and cleft palate. The mother tried to breastfeed but the baby was not able to suckle. Whatever milk he could suckle, he used to regurgitate. It became a challenge to keep the baby fed.

Secondly, it was noticed that the baby was not able to follow the light. He was diagnosed with Congenital Cataract.

Meanwhile, the parents of the baby were seeking medical advice from various hospitals and clinics.

He has been advised for multiple investigations. After all the investigations were done, the concerned medical team under whose observation the baby was kept, advised that the baby needed surgical intervention to correct the Congenital defect of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. They also advised relevant treatments for other anomalies also.

After spending one month in the neonatal ward, the baby seemed stable. He was discharged from the hospital on 31/01/2018. The visibly elated parents took their child home.

But the rising cost of the treatments and maintenance of the child (named Ashmit Gurey) plagued the parents. They were seeking help from all corners possible.

Parents of Ashmit Gurey, at this point, sought the help of Aarogya Vahini Trust regarding the surgery of cleft lip and cleft palate correction. Aarogya Vahini Trust coordinated with Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee of Shree Jain Hospital, Howrah to conduct the surgery free of cost.

  1. Siddhartha Chatterjee is the project director of the CLEFT CENTER in Shree Jain Hospital. He has conducted over 700 cleft surgeries free of cost. Along with the surgeries, he also provides necessary rehabilitation procedures.

Finally, Ashmit Gurey was admitted to Shree Jain Hospital on 10th Sept 2018. Cleft lip surgery was done successfully on 11th Sept 2018 under Dr.Siddhartha Chatterjee.

After keeping him under observation for about 4 months, the cleft palate surgery was done on 11th January 2019 under Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee.

This is a milestone achievement for the team. With God’s grace, baby Ashmit Gurey is able to eat and drink properly. He has also gained weight and height proportion to his age. Right now he is an 8 kg old child. He also has been undergone speech therapy in the hospital.

Our next aim is to correct his visual and cardiac abnormality. In order to give him the beautiful gift of vision, we brought him to our specialty ophthalmology OPD on 29th March’2019. Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Monalisa Pramanik Nandy gave a thorough check-up of both the eyes. In addition to Corneal Opacity in the left eye, it was also found out that he has developed refractive error. Suitable spectacles were advised to correct the refractive error. His problem of corneal opacity is still under observation. Cardiac anomaly monitoring also

Arogya Vahini Trust is grateful to Dr.Siddhartha Chatterjee for giving Ashmit Gurey a new lease of life. Arogya Vahini Trust is extremely proud of little Ashmit who has put up with all the medical procedures bravely.

We pray to The Almighty for the fast and complete recovery of Ashmit Gurey from all his ailments.